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Partners search II - Interreg Europe


Partner z Maďarska hledá spolupartnera pro řešení projektu z oblasti zdravotní péče. We are working on a healthcare related research and innovation proposal for Interreg Europe program, and searching for Managing Authority / Policy Maker as partner. The aim of the policy project is developing an e-Health system policy across Europe for more efficient management of medical data, medical history of patients. The policy poject is aiming the research and innovation axis of the interreg policy call, with involving two prevention bvased health policy subprojects in it. The aim of the subproject No 1. will be to design and develop a laboratory installation for the development of active microwave imaging techniques for mammography applications and then to test live tissue on the efficacy of this equipment. The aim of the subproject No 2. will be to optimize the prevention of recurring cardiovascular events of post-infarct patients across Europe. The telemedical development truly represents progress towards the improvement of the health-care services and regional development of the health care sector. As two public health related development are involved, we believe, we will have a strong chance of being funded for the research and innovation related policy project. The partners are: - University of Oradea - Romania - Development Association – Hungary - Frederick University – Cyprus - Cork Institute of Technology – Ireland - Gulbene Municipality Council – Latvia - TBD We now in a negotiation part with the proposed participants in order to finalize list of participants. Please sign back if you have the willingness to participate in this project.

Kontakt: fejlesztesiegyesulet@gmail.com

Mgr. Marcela Vrchotová, 08.06.2018 12:56